Thursday, January 2, 2014

Aizhai bridge between technical feat and corruption...

The Aizhai Bridge is a suspension bridge built in Hunan Province and is the world's longest and highest tunnel to tunnel bridge.

I paid it a visit a week ago and it is truly beautiful, even though, in my opinion, more bridges are not what China needs right now.
The only purpose this construction seems to serve is to please the modern driver. However, I see it as nothing more than a threat to the environment and the future of humanity

But could there be more to it than this? If we look closer, do we find a yet another case of double-dealing and pilfering by local government?

Well, we know that Chen Mingxian, former General Manager of Hunan Road and Bridge Group, has been convicted and is now serving a jail sentence for corruption, and Aizhai Bridge finance could well have been another contributor to his bank balance.

It has been noted that up to 90% of Hunan’s highways suffer with one problem or another and Chen Mingxian oversaw the completion of many bridge constructions, three of which have since collapsed!
As for Aizhai Bridge, after a delayed opening, the speed was limited to below 60KPH – which could indicate faults within the structure or even call into question the quality of construction and the materials used.
The initial budget for the Anzhai Bridge was set at 790 million RMB, however, the actual cost was double that figure.
It is arguable that he came in with a low budget to secure the contract in the first place, and then the figure will have increased as the building work continued.
Bearing this in mind, it begs the question: did more people than Chen Mingxian have their grubby little fingers in this pie too?
Surely there must have been others whose wallets bulged a little fatter from the contract.

It would make perfect sense to say they did, however, Chen was the only one convicted. 

The bridge should attract many tourists.

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