Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Buying and inaugurating a new appartment in China part 1

We were invited by a friend of my wife to her new appartment.

There is a custom in China.
When you buy a new appartment, you should invite friends and relatives. You will show them your new place and then invite them to the restaurant. 
In return guests must bring cash presents. When they themselves buy a new appartement and invite you, you should bring a cash present. The amount should be the same as the one they once offered!

This is how most new appartement look like in China...

Inside the appartment was nice. There was no loss of space!
Though the decoration was too "Chinese" to my taste. And this heavy decoration is expensive, made of stone, wood...

The video of the couple wedding.

The dining room with its TV and sofa.

Couple and relatives like to take photos and should dress up for this occasion.
I told you about this once.

New building entrances always look the same.
You find many symbols. You should have several of the 5 Chinese elements the wuxing: the mountain (the earth element), the fountain (the water element), the trees (the wood), the door (I am not sure about the meaning of the door) and the buildings.

Many young Chinese people from the upper middle class invest in appartments.
They often bought several appartments, sometimes 3, 4 or more. They rent these appartments to new comers, Chinese people from the countryside.
Though new taxations and the crisis could change this.

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