Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Electrical cars in China: a clever deception!

These last weeks I have seen some new businesses open in Changsha, selling electrical cars.

Electrical cars not really a good deal.
The one I have seen is a Italian brand.
These cars have a autonomy of 150km.
But these cars are fairly expensive 35.000rmb vs 50.000rmb for a first price traditionnal oil car QQ brand!
And you need 8 hours to charge the battery and a parking place with some electrical plug.

No more oil, peak oil... just use electricity and keep on driving!
All this is a clever deception when you know that these "clean" cars work with electricity produced by coal fueled power plants!
It means even more pollution as compared to traditionnal oil cars.
In fact going electric aims to go on driving, keep up with the "all car" model even though we passed peak oil! No more oil, let's use coal... euhhh I mean electricity of course...
In one word: shame!