Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everyday photos, Changsha, China

More students clubs and activities.
Some students are very active and have many dreams.
It makes me feel good to see all their activities!

This one is really creative!

I think this is some photos or singing club?

I think this one is about helping poor children from the countryside.

Some students plays a Chinese traditional instrument.

A new design café opened in Changsha.

Many Chinese people love to sit in café reading magazines, books, surfing the internet.

This is how it looks like inside most Chinese building.

And the stairs.
As you can see there is little or no cleaning. Chinese people don't care how it looks like inside some building. Just the outside, the façade matters.

Super Mario is very popular in China.
You see him everywhere (and without any right to do so) for all kind of advertisements.

I climbed on some roof nearby Changsha old train station and Wuyi road.

Some villas appartments or two floors appartments!

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