Saturday, January 4, 2014

Furong city Hunan Province part 1

Furong town is a peacefull small city in the riverbank.
The old city is built above a beautiful waterfall. It is a unique place to relax several days!

Picking up garbage in the morning.

Grand mother and grand daughter.
Many Chinese parents work in coastal cities and leave their children to the care of grand parents.

The modern part of the city.

Sausage drying in front of a local butcher.

A guard in the old part of the city looks astonished seeing us.

The waterfall.

I am not sure about this stone. But apparently it is really old.

The king of the city lived there above the waterfall with his wives.

A pumpkin, a symbol for fortune and childhood.

The house of the guard.

I wonder that they stayed here in cold winter... Why not go south? I guess as a friend pointed out, they were too afraid of the outside unknown world...

Taking a shower.

Flight carrier style...

Local people.


  1. Awesome post, great photos!

    1. Thanks ;-) Yes it is a place worth going. And a good place to rest a few days. I will travel to some other place in Hunan after new year in february and write about it.