Sunday, January 5, 2014

Furong city Hunan Province part 2

I am not sure what is the white powder is but it is supposed to be very healthy.
Chinese people drink it in hot water.

Pork meat.
It will be salted and dried outside.

A worker coming home.

Carrying the laundry after washing it in the river.

A fish restaurant.

Keeping warm in winter.

Home made alcoohol.
A old man watching T.V at home. 
Chinese people keep doors and windows open even in winter when it is freezing cold outside! According to Feng Shui, it is important to always have air circulation... To me it is pure madness.

Making local sweets.

Playing pool (while betting money of course).

Miao people use baskets to carry things.
It is the same as in South America. Miao people too live in mountains.

This old woman was smoking. 
She quickly put out her cigarette when she saw me taking a picture.

The local policeman.
The people at the table play cards and bet money of course.

Chinese people read Tintin!