Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Green growth or environment friendly propaganda, China

"Chine protects the environment".
"China follows the model of the harmonious society caring the environment".

In China green growth propaganda is the new moto.
But in fact China like every other country in the world couldn't care less the environment!
A sustainable society should put into practice the 3 R: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. 
But of course, reduce and re-use is counter producive. So leaders only put into practice recycling. Thus they can make more money and growth...

I told you about the construction of roads and motorways, tallest buildings in the world, longest bridge in the world, first this, first that... under the pretext of development for Hunan province, for local people, of course.
There are also clean electric cars soon to be seen everywhere in China. They use electricity produced by coal fueled power plants...

In Changsha they plant trees and flowers everywhere next to 4 lanes roads.
How beautiful: roads with flowers and trees.
The floweres and trees come from the countryside. They grow there using fertilizer and chemicals... this is how people care the environment.
We need a few more years before mentalities change.

A new set of trees.

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