Monday, January 13, 2014

How to hold your rice bowl correctly in China?

When I first came to China, one of the things that chocked me most was seeing how Chinese people eat when in a rush.
In France you don't touch your plate when eating, the fork should carry the food from the plate to your mouth. But in China, quite often, Chinese people eat in a rush and they bow to get closed to their bowl... This is considered very rude in France. Probably since animals eat this same way!

I later learnt that this is not a polite way to eat!
To eat in a good manner, you should hold your chopsticks in your right hand!
And in your left hand you should hold your bowl of rice!
I sometimes heard wrongly people saying that Chinese people can eat using only one hand. Yes they can, but it not polite!

Of course many Chinese people don't know how to eat in a polite way... As you know many of the good manners and education were lost during the cultural revolution.

Beware when holding the bowl of rice, the thumb should stand above the border of the bowl. 
If you put your thumb below the border of the bowl then it is not polite: You look like a beggar asking for money!