Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Inaugurating a new appartment in China part 2

When inaugurating a new appartment you should invite your guests: friends and relatives to the restaurant.
In return your guest will offer you some cash.
Altogether you can win money from the operation! or lose some... but most of the time or so I heard the money offered by the guest covers all the costs and more!

At the entrance of restaurant: the god of war and a Chinese Santa Claus.

Watermelon waiting the end of the lunch.

And expensive wines on display and aquarium. Chinese people love aquariums.

Carpet. Chinese people love carpet. It is prestige, modern.

Tofu with Lao gama.

Quail eggs.


Rice alcoohol and areca nuts.

A famous brand of Chinese tea.

A bouillon for salad and noodles.

Tsingtao beer.

The waitress puts some salad in the bouillon.

Intestine with soya sauce.

Some meat balls and soaked tofu.

Schrimp both fresh and fried.

Some chicken.

Some duck.

Vegetable (the only vegetable dish).

Scallop-shell with vermicelli.

Old bamboo.

Sole meunière.

Spicy and dried beef.

Fried fish.

Some pork with spicy.

Sweat rice balls.

Desserts a kind of donut.

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