Saturday, January 25, 2014

Opening a chocolate shop in China: tough business

I know only one chocolate shop in Changsha.
I have heard about another one but I think it went bankrupt.
The french pastry shop "Belle vie" also offers chocolates to diversify its offer.

I think that this shop is a franchise from a Hong Kong brand.
They offer real chocolate. It is something as compared to the usual ersatz sold everywhere in China. Unfortunately Chinese consumers are not educated on this. Most don't like real chocolate but rather stuffed chocolate or chocolate modified bu adding nuts, peanuts, sugar...

One chocolate is sold at a little price: 4, 5 rmb. The shop also offers drinks: milk tea, coffee, hot chocolate...

There are few customers but I believe the shop barely survives. 
Opening a chocolate in China is a tough business! 
The owner works alone which probably allows him to pay for all the costs and maybe his salary...

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