Saturday, February 15, 2014

American Idol in China: cultural globalization?

With cultural globalization, we watch everywhere the same television shows.
The singing competition, American Idol exists in China as well
However even though the Chinese show is similar to the American Idol, comparing both show reveals huge cultural differences...

The attitude of the jury differs a lot.
In the United-State, the jury can really break the candidates.
And this is what viewers want to see!
Most viewers are vicious. They love seeing candidates humiliation as the jury criticizes them harshly.

At first the Chinese jury copied the american jury, criticizing harshly some candidate. But the Chinese viewers didn't like this at all. They blamed the jury for being mean.
Chinese viewers wondered according to what right the jury could make fun of candidate and juge candidate.
Today the Chinese jury never criticizes harshly the candidates.. Rather he advises and jokes. Chinese contestants participate to have fun, sing and show themselves in public. They don't want to endure moqueries and harsh criticism.

A jury member listens to some candidate.

This Chinese "American Idol" is open only to Chinese people above 30 years old!
The competition was opened to all and in the end only young people took part.
There are many older Chinese people and they love singing!

This candidate is 43 years old.

This candidate is 65 years old.

This contestant is 40 years old.


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