Sunday, February 16, 2014

Business card in China: push yourself to the fore!

I have often told you about Chinese paradoxe: reserve and holding hans, shyness and making a show in public, saving and spending on impulse...

Chinese business cards are one more Chinese paradoxe.
Chinese people must stay humble. For instance, they should pretend to refuse a present, a compliment. They shouldn't show their ambition, their feelings...
At the same time Chinese people boast themselves on their business card. The business card is a first impression. Someone you meet juges your position according to your business card. You should impress him!

There are a few rules to write a strong Chinese business card:
Write several positions for yourself. Exagerate your position, make it seem higher. As I was working for a Chinese administration all my workmate were president, director, vice president, vice director, vice president general, vice president director...
Add degrees and awards: master degree, MBA, Phd.
Add company or administration logos. In China you work for a larger entity. This entity gives you more prestige, more status.
Photos are often used on business card, maybe as it can help the people to remember you.

In China business card change quickly. Today they tend to match more often "western style" business card.
Also you have in China many more creative business card. In China your business card is a strong promotional tool.

This business card is no joke! It is a typical and extreme Chinese business card!

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