Sunday, February 2, 2014

Changsha metro seeing the end of the tunnel?

In China, in Beijing, Shanghai, Metro is often crowded and there is a joke about this I want to share with you:
"If you are a woman and you take the Chinese Metro, you will become pregnant.
If you are already already pregnant, you will lose the baby."

Changsha like many Chinese cities started the construction of a very ambitious metro system.
However there have been many delays in the process... 
In the end, how many line will be constructed? I doubt that the metro system will be fully construction. 

Line 1 should have opened a year ago!
It has been completed and should open to public in May 2014. Still this first line is really short and thus not that usefull. For the time being it goes up and down Wuyi road. But it should be much longer in the future.
I am not sure when line 2 could open.
And apparently construction of line 3 just started.

Why all the delays?
I can not say for sure. Though I have heard many rumors:

  • Some say Changsha city went out of money and had to stop the construction! The metro auctioned Metro station names and offered big brands to buy a metro station name!
  • Some say there were unexpected technical difficulties
  • It might be that some local officials anticipated a "unrealistic" fast opening of the Metro so that they could put forward their good work?

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