Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chinese new year parade in Paris

Dear readers, dear friends,

I can not write quite often as I did as I have less time.
However I will write at least once a week.

I went to Chinese new year parade organized in Paris 13th district.
What strikes me:

  • Politician use this event for their promotion. Politician use this cultural event to promote their image... It is weird... or shameless to use a traditionnal event to sell yourself...
  • The Chinese community is not united. The parade is organized by Tang brother and it gathers various asian communities and Chinese province. What is more there are several Chinese new year parade organized in different districts. Chinese communities are "at war": Guandoung, Whenzhou, Harbin...
  • The spectators were almost all white people. Chinese culture doesn't speak to french people with african roots? Or it might be that the 13th district is a just white district?
The year of the horse.


Monkey king.

Chinese emperor or noblemen?

Weird masks.

Chinese street dance.

People pray in front of this buddha.


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