Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chinese villas for wealthy Chinese people

Once I told you about luxury appartment building in China.
Today I want to show you some Chinese villas, I visited the other days.

These villas are really nice build according to a Chinese style.

There is a big garage and a garden.

This complex reproduces a small village. It is guarded.

Living in a guarded residence, you should pay a lot each month.

There are fruit trees in gardens.
I think that many old people live here together with their children. They have time to cultivate their garden and to keep the grand children.

Modern China is a China of ghettos.
There are ghettos for wealthy Chinese people such as this residence complex and you find district for poor people...
And it is a strong commercial argument: "if you live here, you can create network with wealthy people".

There is even a river.

You need at least one car to live here, else it is impossible to shop, to go to the city center. This residence complex fits the "all car" China.

The promoter builds buildings next to the villas. He can attract middle class as well.

The district in under constant surveillance. There are cameras everywhere.
There are many thieves. Many Chinese people hide gold in their home...

The minimum size of a villa is 320m2!
It is really to big: how to heat in winter? how to clean?
Chinese people live together with their family, children, parents, parents in law: 5 to 6 people altogether.

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