Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In China, employees are seldom fired... they leave before

I noticed that in China, employees are seldom fired, they leave before!

Resigning to keep face
It has to do with the culture and keeping face. Getting fired is humiliating. 
The employee loses face! It is rare that the employee will wait until he gets fired. He would rather leave before!

Beware of employees revenge...
Before taking any action, the Chinese boss will warn the employee that he is not satisfied with his work. The employee will take the hint and often leave.
In fact you could say many Chinese employees planify in advance. They want to quit their job and plan for it... They could also take revenge on the boss or take as much as they can before leaving: customers listings, restaurant recipes...

I have heard of a Chinese boss who each month stick the picture of the worst employee of the month! The worst employee of the month will always resign after receiving this blow...

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