Monday, February 3, 2014

Moralisation of Chinese officials

Xi Jinping launched a moralisation and anti-corruption campain targeting civil servants.
This campaign includes a catalogue of measures. I want to tell you two measures I heard:

Civil servant offices sizes are strictly regulated!
In the past civil servant occupied huge offices.
But today this is not tolerated anymore!
Offices sizes are strictly regulated according to the civil servant position!

Civil servants are forbidden to drink at work!
In the past Chinese official would drink a lot. I remember when I was working for the Chinese chamber of commerce, my workmate would come back at lunch time totally drunk. We would also drink in the evening as we were invited by other administrations or companies.
Today this is not tolerated anymore! If a Chinese civil servant drinks alcoohol, he will be immediatly fired from his job! Thus when companies organize dinner with official, only company employees can drink!

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