Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snacks shops in China: a new and booming concept

You know that Chinese people love to have snacks during the day: at Mac Donald, KFC.
This is also one of the main success factor of Starbucks, coffee shops, Chinese bakeries and pastry shops.

It is very new in Changsha. Since a few month, shops specialized in snacks open everywhere. I already noticed two different brands!

These shops offer a very large choice of snacks in small quantities and at little prices... Most of these snacks are sold by the weigh or in small packaging. 
You have sweet snacks: sweets, dried fruits, jams, jely...
You have salty snacks: dried meat, dried fish, preserved vegetable...
You find several drinks...

It is a clever and very new concept!
It clearly targets snacks on the large market of snacking. Therefore these shops are very different from a traditional convenience store! 
Theses shops are a new type of competitors for bakeries, coffee places and convenience stores.

It is forbidden to take pictures. Since this concept is very new shop owner check on you.
I had to be very discreet.

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