Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The most beautiful Chinese girls come from...

If you have been to China, you probably already heard this: the most beautiful Chinese girls come from xxx.

Most Chinese people tend to take pride in local girls beauty. 
I have always found this weird, or rather a very macho perspective.
But there is no wonder as in China, most girls are raised to marry a wealthy husband. Of course they should be beautiful and good housewives, good mothers...

I have heard quite often that the most beautiful Chinese girls come from Nanjing.
I also heard that the most beautiful Chinese girls come from Suzhou, from Hangzhou, from Xi'an, from Beijing.
I often wonder how come Chinese people say this. I mean you have beautiful and less beautiful girls everywhere in China.

So based on what can you declare that Chinese most beautiful girls come from a specific city?
Though depending on the origins you could have some differences in body height, skin colour and facial feature. 
So does this means that girls from Suzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou... have physical features that match Chinese beauty criteria? such as whiter skin color, taller height, thiner facial features, almond shaped eyes...

But then I found another explanation: Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou were all once China capital cities! The empress came from the capital city. 
Then of course she had to be the most beautiful wife had to be the empress! And all the women from the capital city had to be the most beautiful women of China.

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