Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Timer management in China

Timer management works well in China.

Chinese employees are often slow; time efficiency is low 
They follow their own pace. And they are not time efficient.
It has to do with a traditionnal Chinese management. No matter that you work fast or not, you still need to stay in the office. Also your salary could be identical.

Using a timer, Chinese employees feel challenged to go faster. 
It is how they do it at KFC and Mac Donald.
The boss first shows the employee how the task is done and how long he takes to do the task.

I am not sure how to explain it but using a timer works very well in China.
I think the employee likes to compare himself with his boss and other employees. The employee wants to go faster than his boss. He wouldn't like to go more slowy!
It probably has to do with losing face.
What is more, using a timer the employees feels he is doing a good job.

But beware working faster could mean that quality goes down!

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