Saturday, March 1, 2014

A few business ideas for China

As I come back from France, I want to share a few business ideas from France that could work well in China.

Cleaning business
While most wealthy Chinese people hire "ayi", aunty to take care of their home, to my knowledge there is still no go between agency.
In fact wealthy Chinese people find their aunty, cleaning woman from the countryside. I might be some far away cousin or someone from their countryside hometown. They offer her a place to live in their home, food and salary.

Organic food shops.
Chinese people worry for their health as there has been several major food scandal.
Even though organic food shops are still limited. You find a few shop in some prestige shopping center. Even though product choice is limited. These shops sells organic imported products.
But there is no guarantee that fresh ingredients (vegetable, meat...) are really organic. In China there is no organic label yet!

Event agency for children and...
I have not yet seen any agency that organize events for children such as birthday party...
There are many event to organize for Chinese people: birthdays, valentines, wedding, business events...

Frozen ready to eat meal.
More and more Chinese people have little or no time to cook. They order food and get delivered.
Even though there is a growing market for frozen ready to eat meal.

Special shoes for sensitive feet.
With a growing old population, there is a huge market for shoes for sensitive feet.

There is an important market for catering in China, for events organized by companies or administrations. There are also many private events such as weddings.

Clothes for little kids.
In China there are still no shops selling clothes for little children: 0 to 3 years old.

French tarts shops.
Recently there is a boom in cheesecake pastry shops. There are several success story I will share with you in some article.
Chinese people love french tarts. Why not french tarts shops?

Chinese people have never seen it...
Though they would love it: its taste is similar to bamboo shoots!

Cocktail bar.
Younger Chinese people don't drink rice alcoohol anymore. They would rather drink beer or wine.
I have still never had a good cocktails in China. But preparing a tasty and beautiful cocktail requires some skills and a good training.


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