Saturday, March 8, 2014

On the way back to central China...

On the way back to central China, I was with some Chinese neighbours... they have their own rules for being polite.

On the way back to central China, I am together with Chinese people... they have their own education based on their culture.

Waiting for the plane in Paris.
Chinese people sleep on the floor, shout, bowl water, eat noodles, play cards and bet money!

Blablabla addicted to Chinese social network 


Playing cards, betting in public... it is normal... in China! (we are in Paris).

Once in Shanghai, I must travel to Changsha.

Our plane China Southern waits for 1 hour.
I understand that we wait for two passenger who are late! The airplane staff decides to wait for two passengers during one hour!

I hear it is very normal when you travel to Changsha:

  • The airline doesn't want to lose two passengers.
  • A group of passenger threatens the staff. If the plane doesn't wait for their boss, they will all leave the plane... We are all taken hostage by a few uneducated Chinese people. China southern prefers to avoid conflicts.
This events tells us a lot about Chinese society:
In China when you have money or power (physical strength, force in the number of people, networking), you can do everything even block a airplane one hour.

What are the consequences of this delay?

  • Our pilot take many risks to catch up on time! He flies very fast. We have more risks to have an accident
  • I arrive late at Changsha airport. There is no more taxi...

At Shanghai airport:

Arriving in Changsha, a hostess walks around with some tape recorder:
"Welcome to Changsha"

It reminds me Chinese street vendors: "Cheap oranges, cheap..."
I am back to Changsha!

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