Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beware of Chinese watermelon injected with saccharine!

Every year in China with the return of summer and extremely hot weather, Chinese people like to eat watermelon.
Watermelon is a big business for many. And as often in China money drives people mad.

Last year there was a huge watermelon scandals. Farmers abused of fertilizers to have a faster growth and increase return on investment.  Watermelon started to explode!

This year there is another watermelon scandal.
Though it was kept relatively secret. Some Chinese farmers inject glucose saccharine inside watermelons!
The first watermelon I have eaten this summer was probably injected with saccharine. It had an unusual taste. It was very sweet, but not like any natural sweetness.

Does it mean you can not eat any watermelon anymore this summer in China?
Hopefully no!
But you should buy the local watermelons. There are the small one, the one that generate more costs to transport by truck! Local farmers won't poison their neighbours and the local community! It is human: we always feel closer to the one who live close to us!

Beware of the non local watermelons: as shown below.
They are the bigger watermelons.