Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chinese bus drivers trick

When you take the bus in China, you should pay the fee.
As you enter the bus, you should insert 1 or 2 yuan in some box.

In the past you could only use coins or banknote to pay the fee.

But Chinese bus drivers knew better...
At the end of the day many bus drivers would use a long pair of tweezers to pick up all the money!

The municipality found the parade: when you take the bus, you can now use a bus card to pay.
And bus fees are cheaper if you pay using a bus card!

Now why do I tell you all this?
I want to show you that in China whenever they can, people try to get money on the side.
In fact most people salary are too low so that there is no shame in trying to get extra money. And if you can trick someone, why not? It means you are clever. Also you should consider that being ressourcefulness and family structure were the only way to survive in a China facing times of hardship.
Now you understand why corruption is and has always been the norm China.