Friday, June 13, 2014

Chinese "sustainable development": Instead of the natural lanscape, buid a park and around it hundreds new buildings

In China like in the rest of the world, madness goes on.
Most people don't seem to realize it though.
Let me explain sustainable development in China.

Chinese people from the countryside move to large cities.
50% of the Chinese people live in the countryside and they come to larger cities for work.
In Hunan province, many people move to the capital of the province: Changsha. These people need a place to live. People are looking for safety, therefore most Chinese people want to buy their own appartment.
Chinese cities extend rapidly to accomodate new comers, to generate growth, to create wealth and jobs.

Even though today, China faces a crisis...
Many Chinese people don't want to come to larger cities. 
They fear that even in a large city, they won't find a job! And even though they might find a better job, living in a big city is not that good. In larger cities, everything is more expensive. In larger cities, everything is polluted!
Some Chinese people don't want to buy any appartment.
The Chinese government pushes people to buy new appartment: through advertisment, loans. Though people from the countryside don't have that much income. They start to fear the crisis, a difficult job market... They fear that real estate price in cities are too high. They fear the pollution in cities.

Sustainable development: hiding more growth being a green label...
How can you build bigger cities and more roads? How can you sell more cars? How can you build more 30 floors buildings?
How can you do all this and respect the environment?
This is the miracle of sustainable development.

Let me tell you how it works in China:

  • Chinese important cities extend over the countryside. You need to cut down trees, flatten hills, dry up swamps. You install new buildings over fields.

But the problem as I told you is Chinese people are not so eager to buy anymore. They fear that new appartments are too expensive, cities too polluted...
Now sustainable development will confort them:
  • New "environmental friendly" appartments in the new suburbs are cheaper
  • Living in a "green" city suburb is cheaper
  • Living in the suburb is more green, more healthy, more "sustainable"! Let's build a park instead of the natural landscape. And around the park let's build several hundreds of 30 floor buildings. And there are many parks you can imagine: a forest park, a water park, a mountain park... Chinese designers are very creative for this. You can do this on a smaller or on a larger scale. In Changsha, the city is developping several green zone in its suburb. It even used this occasion to absorb nearby cities, thus I believe making real estate prices double from one day to the next.

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