Monday, June 2, 2014

Fierce competition on the Chinese decoration material market

As you know I bought some appartment in China.
I am currently doing the decoration work. Therefore I need to fetch decoration material on different market: floor market, lamp market...

A mature market
As I have already done this in the past back in 2007, I notice a strong difference.
It is easier to find good quality product and at a fair price.
Truth is the decoration material market in China is mature. Or maybe it started to enter the declining phase! There is too much competition on this market. The shops barely survive as they compete each other.
In fact the whole sector of construction, decoration, furniture is affected!

Competition from the internet
Back in 2007, you could open a shop in mainland China and sell some decoration material you buy in some coastal China factory. You could make a fortune and many did!
But today there is the internet! Many Chinese people buy from the internet. They check the the products from the shops then they check factory prices from Taobao!

Evolution des ventes dans le temps selon les phases du cycle de vie d'un produit

Two markets in Changsha, central China:

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