Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In China, Chinese men must dye their hair!

I always thought asian people have great hair!
While we westerners get white hairs, asian people seem to keep their beautiful black hair even as they get old.
It is only recently that I realized I have been wrong! Asian people also get many white hair.
It is just that they dye their hair!
While in the west, many men don't care white hair that much, in China, men do care.

In fact most or all Chinese men dye their hair!
A friend of mine has a Chinese girlfriend. And she asked him to dye his hair. She told him his white hair makes him looks old and she doesn't like to be with a old man.

I am not sure why Chinese men dye their hair?
Hair has always been very symbolic in all society. Long hair symbolize strength, wisdom. Shaving hair symbolize getting closer to the spiritual world.
It is another Chinese  paradoxe:

  • On one side, in China, older people are respected for their wisdom and for their age. And there are several rather positive sayings about this: "having white hair in a young age is a sign that you will be wealthy in your old age". "If you have white hair you have worked a lot". "If you lose your hair you think to much".
  • But all the same, Chinese men dye their hair. Many Chinese girls don't like old men and white hair...
In France we all have in mind Nicolas Sarkozy. He first dyed his hair to show his young age and dynamism. Later on he chose to keep some white hair to show his wisdom.
Nicolas Sarkozy dye hair: young/ dynamism/ business/ hard work

to grey/ white hair/ cool/ relax/ grand father: wisdom

But in China, Chinese leader like most/ all Chinese men dye their hair.
Maybe it has something to do with Mao Tse Toung who dyed his hair? Or maybe it dates back to the emperor of China who dyed their hair and were thriving for eternal youth/ life?


  1. I don't think all Chinese men dye their hair, but people get aged would do it, Mostly they think it looks clean, good and young, Young people rarely do it actually. but there are young people dye it into brown, or gold,,,it's a strange trend in Asian countries...