Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Chinese university entrance, Gaokao

I took this video on the day of Gaokao in Changsha, China.
Anxious Chinese parents wait for their child at the gate of some high school in Changsha.

The Chinese university entrance exam or Gaokao determines if you can study at university and at which university. 
This will impact all you life.
Chinese students who have a good ranking get accepted in a prestigious university. They can get a "good"/ well-paid job. 
Chinese students who don't have a good Gaokao result can not study at university. Some start working. Others go abroad to study. Many wealthy parents don't care that much about Gaokao. They don't want that their get too much pressure. They would rather have their child study abroad in a expensive private school...

You understand the importance of Gaokao in the Chinese society.
In fact all students are not really equal in front of the Gaokao:

  • Some parents pay private teachers for their child. 
  • Some parents get the foreign nationality so that their child can pass an easier version of the Gaokao! 
  • Parents do all they so their child gets inside the best high school. 
  • Some parents offer money to some prestigious university in order to be given a better grade at Gaokao and so that their child could study in these universities.

There is even worst: disabled children are not allowed to pass the Gaokao. Even physical disabilities forbids you to pass the Gaokao!

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