Sunday, July 27, 2014

American school buses for Chinese children

More and more often, I see these American school buses in China.
At first I was a little bit surprise. This is China, why then this American school buses?

Thinking about it, it makes sense.
There has been several terrible school buses accident in China.
Children died. And for Chinese parents when your only child dies, it is of course a tragedy.
These accidents happened because of several factors: Chinese roads are often in bad condition, bus driver go too fast, most Chinese drivers drive too fast and don't obey any rule, school buses are old and over-crowded.

Foreign brands among which the US is a strong guarantee of quality
American school bus for a Chinese kindergarten is more safe. This is a way to reassure Chinese parents.
American school bus is also a way to promote the kindergarten. After Chinese children start studying english at a very young age.

I expecting Volkswagen or Citroen school buses in the future!


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