Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Chinese hairdresser: the spectrum of Chinese consumer market

I took this video at my local Chinese hairdresser.

In China there are different Chinese hairdressers for all budget:

  • street hairdresser haircut at 5yuan
  • local hairdresser haircut at 15yuan
  • fancy hairdresser haircut at 50-100yuan
Why some customers would rather go to a cheap hairdresser shop or to a more expensive one?
It has to do with finance of course.
It also has to do with image. 
Chinese customers don't go to a hairdresser just for a haircut. They go there to feel some environment. They go there to be pampered, to feel they are VIP.
It has to do with cleaningless. 
Some old decoration, some old fashion design is seen as not clean. Thus more wealthy Chinese customers don't want it. They don't want to have their haircut in a old shop.

This example tells us something about the broad spectrum of Chinese consumer market.

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