Monday, August 18, 2014

Luxury for Chinese people: taking the example of a fancy restaurant

All luxury restaurants in China look the same.
You find the same bad taste decoration, or the absence of any taste. I should probably say the absence of any "d'harmony", since Chinese people understand this word.

High range restaurant make most of their business with wealthy customers who invite other: administrations, companies, families, friends. You invite for the network, the guanxi. You eat together in a private dining room.

This is a restaurant where I was invited a few weeks ago.

You find several main features of Chinese luxury:

  • Gilding and yellow. It is the color of gold. It is rich. It is prestige. Therefore it gives face to the guests and to the host.
  • Red. It is central color in China. It is happiness. It is the national color.
  • Ceiling light. It is a symbol of France of foreign countries. It is the good taste of the west.
  • Carpet, red curtains, wall-paper. It is prestigious. It looks the same as in foreign countries hotels. In their homes, Chinese people use stone for the floor. They usually don't have any curtains, though it is changing. 
  • Television. You watch television while eating. For a company, admnistration meal, television, you watch the news channel. It is more serious, more international. For a casual meal with friends, family members, you watch a entertainment program. It is more relaxing.
  • Sofa and tea table. This is part of traditions. The first guest to arrive wait. They sit on a sofa and discuss while drinking tea. The last guests to arrive are usually the most important once. The host should arrive in advance so that he can welcome his guests. Though when the host is important, meaning busy, he can arrive late.
  • Chinese calligraphy table with brush and ink. It is always good to show your knowledge of Chinese calligraphy. This is part of Chinese culture. Chinese people value this at lot.

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