Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Window of the world" a Chinese dream of foreign countries

Chinese people dream of foreign countries.
A few years ago this was really a dream. Most Chinese people couldn't travel abroad: it was way too expensive. 
Therefore everywhere in China, business people opened some "windows of the world", attraction parks to discover the world wonders.

Changsha too has its park.

Today things changed.
Many Chinese people became wealthier, enough to travel abroad.
This generates many problems for the "window of the world". They had to change their offer, focus more on the attractions rather than on the exotism from foreign countries.

Today Chinese always dream of foreign countries.
The dream is unchanged on some aspects: Chinese people dream of discoving different cultures, exotic cuisine, castles, beaches...
But the dream is also the escape abroad. Today many Chinese Chinese dream to escape abroad.

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