Monday, September 8, 2014

Disposing wastes in China

Recycling wastes
In China some wastes are sorted out by the population.
Chinese people can sell some of their wastes: plastic bottle, glass bottle, wood, paper...
Most Chinese people sort out their waste since they can get money out of it.
There are also many people who search garbages looking for wastes that they could sell.

Burning or burying wastes
The other wastes are often burnt or buried. Garbage trucks pick them up to burn outside of the city. Unfortunately, they are burnt outside in the air.

Improving the system
On main issue is using plastic bags. This could be avoided providing garbage tray to households. These garbage tray would be used to carry garbage outside. This would allow more recycling and composting!
Building some facilities outside of the city would also help avoid  burning wastes in the open.

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