Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vacuum cleaner in China, a prospective market!

I went looking into several shops for a vaccum cleaner in China. 
The choice is really limited


100 to 500 watts
Most vacuum clearners sold in China have a limited power: 100 to 500 watts.
While in the west, vacuum cleaner have at least 1200 watts.
It means that vacuum in China might not work very well.

But they are cheap.
Price range from 200 to 800 yuan.

No bag
All the vacuum cleaners sold in China have no bag. I guess having bags would be too much for Chinese customers.

Most Chinese people use broom to sweep the floor.
But it is changing.

Wealthy Chinese people use vacuum cleaner.
It works better. It is more convenient. It is more prestige.
They now have carpet on the floor, or wooden floor. This type of floor requires vacuum cleaner
More and more Chinese people buy robot, automatic vacuum cleaner.
You also find some Dyson vacuum cleaner in a few prestige shops.

No doubt that vacuum cleaner have a bright future in China.

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