Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1st of October, Chinese national day

The 1st of october is an important date in China, the Chinese national day.

7 days holidays
For Chinese people it means 7 days holidays.
In fact it is not really 7 days as Chinese people must catch up for several days! Productivity should not go down. They must work the week-end before and after the national holiday.
But it seems that most Chinese people don't notice this. They don't feel it is unfair to catch up for the holidays.

What are Chinese people doing their holidays?
Most Chinese people travel during their holidays.
Most Chinese people travel back to their home town. Then they stay there together with their relatives. They spend their time playing cards, Mah-jong, betting money, eating and eating and shopping.
Since a few years ago, many Chinese people travel and visit. They travel in China and visit famous tourist place: place from the past from the history of the communism or from the history of the old China, temples, palaces...
The wealthiest travel abroad to Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Philippine, Hong-Kong...

How about companies?
Companies can sell. Chinese people spend a lot during their holidays: restaurants, clothes, cinema, festival products (Mah-jong table!...)

And how do I spend my Chinese holidays?
I don't travel! It is hell out their: traffic jams, packed up buses, trains, planes... And of course you must pay more.
I enjoy the blue sky, the pure air! During one whole week China doesn't work: no factory, no construction, few cars, no burning of any culture! No tiny particles pm2.5 pollution is down!

A few children carry Chinese flags as well as buses and taxis.
A few commerces display Chinese flags. But it is rather a way to attract customers...