Monday, October 13, 2014

In China be harmonious: avoid conflicts

From a very young age, Chinese people learn how to live together peacefully.
They learn to avoid conflicts. They learn that the core value is harmony.

The Chinese pyramid of value is completely different as in the west.
In China on the top of the pyramid you have harmony inside the group.
Then you have the face, the reputation.
Then comes the truth.

I would say that in the west, on the top of the pyramid you have the truth being honest and therefore the trust in other.
Then you have the individuals, their rights.
Then you have the group.

My point is in China in order to avoid conflict and preserve the group harmony, all is allowed.
You can lie even deny the obvious. Harmony is the highest value.

From this brief explanation, you know that in China you should avoid conflicts, no matter what your other values tell you: passion, rights, no lying to others...
For instance when asked about Taiwan, Tibet and anything that would mean conflict: avoid it!


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