Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Chinese people talk to foreigners randomly?

Being a foreigner in China, Chinese people will often talk to you randomly on the street.

This is two edge sword.On one side, it is nice to have the attention of other people, being able to discuss freely any topic you wish.
On the other side, it can be really annoying, having to face the same questions again and again (do you like China? why are you in China?...). Furthermore, Chinese people don't look at you. They don't mind that you might be busy talking on the phone or simply that you might look in a bad... They will still come to talk.

Why Chinese people talk to foreigners randomly on the street?
First you need to know that the culture is really different. In China there are people everywhere. In China people live in communauty. It is normal to anyone as you wish and ask any question you like. There is no formal etiquette. And the etiquette doesn't apply to foreigners.

Now there are many reasons Chinese people talk to foreigners randomly :

  • Some want to practise their english
  • Some want to talk to a foreigner for the face mianzi
  • Some want to joke in front of their friends
  • Some are looking for a foreign boyfriend
  • Some want to cheat your money, sell your some products...
  • Some want to speak their mind. Being a foreigner they can talk freely to you. They will ask your opinion about Taiwan, Tibet or some sensitive topic
  • Some want to hear you praise China
  • ...

Some Chinese people talk to me randomly on the street