Saturday, December 20, 2014

Giving birth in China: a few impressions

My wife gave birth last week in a Chinese hospital and I would like to share a few impressions.
Overall I think giving birth in a Chinese hospital is not so different than in France. Though I don't have any experience from the french side.

A few points strike me:

In China, few obey the rules

Nothing new, in China there are some rules, but few respect the rules. In the Chinese hospital, people shout, they bring in food, they come at anytime to visit the newborn baby and the mother...
It is all a little bit messy.

Pay the basic and pay extras if you want more
After giving birth, nobody will explain anything. You will have to know everything. Or if you want more know-how, you will need to pay for this: how to wash the kid, how to change his diaper... The hospital offers many extras.

Beware child thieves
In the hospital I received several warning about child thieves. It is better to keep a close watch on your child, lock your room door. There is a guard at night who is supposed to check people coming inside the hospital. When the nurse takes your newborn baby to wash him, she will mark him with some ink! and as she comes back she will ask you the name of the mother, the sex of the child!

It is a boy: congratulation!
Since my wife gave birth, I have been asked again again the same question: "is it a boy or girl?". And I always get the same answer "it is a boy: congratulation!". It certainly speaks for itself and tell us the Chinese perception about having a boy vs a girl.


  1. Congratulations with your baby! Thank you for sharing your experience in a Changsha hospital.

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