Monday, December 8, 2014

In China, clearly specify time and date

First of all let me apologize for not posting these last weeks.
I told you that I will post once a week and I hope to keep this frequency.

Today I would like to provide a good advise for all those who work and live in China.
When dealing with Chinese people, you should know that in China, nobody will tell you yes or no. In fact in China you want to preserve the social harmony and avoid conflicts.
As a consequence there is little commitment. And if you need to anticipate this.

One way will be to clearly specify time and date.
When you have a meeting, when you ask someone to do some work... you must be very precise with the time and date.
Give a specific time and date. For instance: this specific work (you must detail everything) will be finished this specific day at this specific time. You should be wary and avoid vague expression of time such as next month, in a week, in a few days, soon...

Doing so, your protagonist can not avoid his responsabilities. And he does so, you can always "blame" him, remind him that you gave a specific time and date and thus take the upper hand!